Where can I get copies of the house rules, and applications to refinance, sublet or renovate my apartment?
Log in to the Tudor Realty web site www.TudorConnect.com. The building ID and your unique user ID are printed in the box near the top right corner of your monthly statement of charges. You will be able to download PDF files of all necessary forms, or if you prefer contact Erica Santiago at 212-813-3051 and she will send you a hard copy.
How does the buzzer system work?
The buzzer system works with your phone. You need to give your phone number to the superintendent who will program the buzzer for you. The number can be a land line or a cell phone, but it will not be publicly visible, only a three digit code will be at the door. Guests or delivery persons can scroll through the list of names, dial your 3 digit code and you will receive a phone call (the caller will be identified as Grace Owners Corp). To grant access, press the number 5 on your phone.
When can I receive deliveries?
The building’s delivery policy is described in detail in the house rules. In summary, large items which could require movers or moving equipment such as a hand truck can be delivered Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM. You must notify our superintendent 48 hours in advance, and with his authorization you may arrange a Saturday delivery. Perishable items such as groceries or take-out food can be delivered every day of the week from 9AM to 11PM, provided you are at home to receive them. Small packages and dry cleaning can be accepted by the doormen.
Does the building offer an extermination service?
Yes. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THIS SERVICE. Sign up for the exterminator who visits the building on the second Saturday of every month, from 1:00PM to 3:00PM and the fourth Friday, from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. Sign up sheets are posted next to the mailboxes a few days before the exterminator’s visits. Please sign up as soon as you discover a problem, stay in your apartment during the 2 hour window of the service, and follow any recommendation the exterminator makes (regarding food storage or other precautions). You need to be home when the exterminator comes.
How can I get a new magnetic door key?
Notify our superintendent. You will need to pay $15 for a new card, even if you are replacing a broken card. Please return the old card to the super with your payment. It will take 2-3 business days to receive a replacement card. You may also request additional cards: you are allowed to have as many cards as there are occupants in your household.
What do I do if my apartment has a leak?
If the leak is caused by heavy rain notify our superintendent during business hours. He will appraise the Board if any repair work to the building needs to be undertaken, and he will handle any necessary repairs to your apartment. Cost of repairs from rain damage are the responsibility of the coop, not the individual shareholder.
If the leak is caused by an upstairs neighbor notify the super IMMEDIATELY. Try to find and stop the source of the leak by working your way up the apartment line. You will be provided with a dehumidifier if necessary. If the source of the leak is an appliance or a sink or tub overflowing repairs are the responsibility of that shareholder. If it is caused by a ruptured pipe inside the walls it is the coop’s responsibility.
Leaks can cause a lot of damage and they are very stressful, but please remember to be courteous: nobody ever intentionally causes a leak!
Why do I have to give the superintendant the keys to my apartment?
For your security and the security of the building. If there is a leak or a medical emergency the super needs to have immediate access to your apartment, even in your absence. In an emergency situation he is authorized to force the door if he cannot unlock it, and you will be responsible for the cost of repairs.
How do I resolve problems with neighbors?
It is always best to be respectful and polite in all circumstances. If you have safety concerns please contact our building manager Janice Keller-McDowall at 212-813-3029
You can also check out many online resources such as this article for advice.
How can I get a storage bin?
Contact Erica Santiago at 212-813-3051 and she will put you on the waiting list. You will need to sign a lease agreement.
How can I get my own garden plot?
Contact the garden coordinator in the Winter or early Spring. Plots are leased by growing season, and they are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Once you get a plot, as long as you abide by the garden rules, you can keep it as long as you are a resident of 2 Grace Court.
Can I use the interior courtyards?
CourtyardYou may use the courtyard for any quiet activity, however the access doors are equipped with an alarm for security purposes. You will need to ask the doorman to open the courtyard door for you. Please make sure you stay out of the planted area and close the door properly when you leave.
How do I dispose of….
…broken glass?
Wrap it in a paper bag and tape it up so the shards cannot easily pierce the wrapping, then mark it clearly and place it in the basement next to the recycling cans.
…cardboard boxes?
If they are small put them in the recycling bin with the rest of the paper. If they are large flatten them and wedge them behind or between the bins so they do not fall over or block the passage.
…Christmas tree?
Let the porter know so he can open the door to the courtyard and help you put it there till garbage is picked up. Please do not leave trees by the trash cans as this could be a fire hazard.
Please carry large items to be discarded to the basement on Thursdays, or let the porter know so he can help you put them directly on the curb.

Usually when new mattresses are delivered the trucking companies will remove your old one. Both old and new mattresses must be wrapped in plastic in all common areas. The superintendant can provide you with the necessary bags.
…old AC or refrigerator?
These appliances need to have a label from the city sanitation department before they can be placed on the sidewalk. Take the item to the basement and notify Adrian, who will take care of the necessary paperwork.
You may place electronics in the basement next to the recycling bins, but they will be discarded with the other trash, which can be harmful to the environment. Click here for information on how to recycle electronic items.
… textiles?
Most people throw textiles out with their trash but they can also be recycled. The Farmers’ Market on Cadman Plaza collects compost and textiles every Tuesday and Saturday, or click here for more information on textile recycling.
What jobs can I ask the staff to perform?
You may ask the building staff to perform a number of small jobs, such as removing air conditioners from windows, making small repairs, watering plants in your absence, installing appliances, etc.Please be aware that these jobs are NOT a part of their regular duties and the staff is not allowed to perform these tasks during their working hours. They can only work for you during their breaks or after their shifts. Please note that any accidental damage done to your apartment or belongings is your financial responsibility. You need to hire a licensed contractor with insurance if you want to avoid that risk.
When do I tip the staff?
Traditionally residents show their appreciation for the staff around Christmas time, but whenever you hire a staff member to do a job for you beyond the scope of his regular duties (see above question) you should offer compensation.
How much should I tip?
The year-end tip is entirely optional and the amount is entirely up to you. If you hire a staff member to perform a job for you, you can try to agree to a fee ahead of time — however often they are reluctant to name a number….
What is the staff schedule?
Please click on this link.
What is the schedule for the roof deck, laundry room and other building spaces?
Please click on this link.
Do I need to make a reservation to use the roof deck?
There is no need to make reservations for small gatherings, however if you anticipate having twenty or more people in your group, please notify the management company two weeks in advance. You will need to submit a $250 refundable security deposit, and, if your are organizing the event for a third-party organization, you will also need to submit an insurance certificate. Any gathering must be non-exclusive; all residents must be allowed free access to the roof deck during your event. If you wish to reserve the space for exclusive use, please make your request at least one month in advance. Permission and fees will be decided on a case by case basis.
How do I contact the Board?
The best way to contact the Board is to email our building manager, Janice Keller McDowall, who will either be able to answer your question directly or she will forward your question to the right person or people. Of course you can always speak to any board member directly, but please be aware that unless your question has been discussed during the monthly Board meeting, the individual you talk to will only be expressing his/her opinion and cannot speak for the Board.
How can I join the Board?
Let the Board know you are interested in volunteering for the building, introduce yourself and describe how you would like to contribute to our community. If any vacancies are anticipated during the year you may be asked to join the Board as an invited guest. When a position becomes available, if it is still mutually agreeable, you can be voted into the Board during one of the monthly Board meetings. Another option is to run against existing Board members during the annual shareholder’s meeting. Before each shareholder’s meeting a package is mailed out which includes a form to fill out if you are interested in running for a board position. Return the form to the building management to include your candidacy in the meeting’s agenda. There are also other opportunities to volunteer for the building. You can join the decorating committee or help plan our annual Holiday party, work in the garden or share your photos of our building on this website. Contact Janice Keller McDowall if you are interested.

Please note: this list of frequently asked questions is intended as an informal compliment to the house rules. If there is any discrepancy between these questions and the house rules, always refer to the house rules.